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Improved Benefit Solutions

Sterling is a pioneer in multi-employer group blocks (MEG Blocks) in Canada; providing improved value, speed and flexibility for small to medium businesses across the country.

  • Sterling MEG blocks offer superior Target Loss Ratios which means more of your premium goes towards your plan.
  • Ability to access enterprise quality plans irrespective of group size.
  • Each client within a MEG block is individually rated based on their own experience.
  • Fast implementation; clients can be onboarded onto a plan within 7 days of proposal acceptance.

At Sterling, our current suite of solutions includes group insurance, group retirement, and TPA services. Committed to innovation, we continuously strive to pioneer new products and solutions, ensuring that our customers receive cutting-edge and tailored offerings.

Better Products

  • We offer multi-employer group block structure products, as well as TPA-traditional benefits.
  • We have access to carriers and strategic partners nationwide, giving Sterling clients access to a wider variety of options.
  • Our expertise helps clients select the best possible plan design & achieve superior value.

Better Technology

  • SCB Connect, our technology platform, enables improved administration experience, superior member enrolment and integration capabilities that are unmatched.
  • Our internal technology / data capabilities will allow us to efficiently scale as a business, reducing non-value added work and improving velocity and accuracy.

Better Client Experience

  • End-to-end client experience is superior. From discovery, sale, implementation, account management and service – every interaction with our expert team is designed to be efficient and accurate.
  • We have dedicated Account Management and Service teams to ensure that a world-class client experience is delivered. We have expert employees caring and advocating for our clients every day.

Group Insurance

Navigating the realm of employee benefits demands more than just sourcing and managing plans. It’s about empowering your business growth by offering better products and unmatched expertise. At Sterling, we redefine the solution. Our innovative approach encompasses multi-employer group block structure products and TPA-traditional benefits, providing nationwide access to carriers and strategic partners for an extensive array of options.

Block Enterprise Clients
Customer Size We aggregate the demand from multiple SMB clients into a single block policy, with rates typically held for large employers. New clients will be added to pre-existing blocks depending on the coverage required for the client. Servicing larger employees by tailoring benefits plans, offering flex products and any other product that may be required by the employer.
Customer Size Small-to-medium sized employers (2-200 employees) in Canada Enterprise clients (200+ employees) in Canada
Insurance Benefit Products
  • Prescription drugs
  • Paramedical
  • Vision
  • Travel
  • Hospital
  • Medical devices
  • Dental
  • Long / Short Term Disability
  • Life
  • Critical Illness
  • AD&D
  • Virtual Care/Telemedicine
Services Provided
  • TPA services
  • Enrollment management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Benefit administration
  • Benefit and payroll deductions
  • Documentation management
  • Customized billing
  • Claims adjudication
  • Claims processing

Group Retirement Services

At Sterling, we believe offering a Group Savings plan to your employees is an important step in promoting financial wellness. The Sterling way is to help you structure and implement a Group Saving plan that that aligns with your corporate mission and values.

Our team of retirement experts make it easy for you to set up a new Group Savings plan. Once set up we’ll continue to provide service excellence and make it easy for you to maintain the plan. We’ll work tirelessly to meet the needs of your employees and provide them with the kind of retirement they’ve worked their entire careers to attain.

Our dedicated service team is always available to answer you and your employees’ questions at any time. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness.

The Sterling team has extensive knowledge and experience in the Group Savings space, which means we can manage plans of any size and complexity with confidence and ease. Working with Sterling means you get access to more Group Savings options and products to fit your unique culture.

Simply put, we are here and ready to help with all your Group Savings needs for you and your employees.

Global Partnerships

Welcome to Sterling Partnerships– where we redefine partnership excellence for your clients.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” – Henry Ford on partnerships (1863-1947)

Henry knew one or two things about that!

Our commitment extends beyond delivering an enterprise-quality experience; it’s about offering unparalleled pricing with consistent touch points, ensuring seamless execution for small groups or clients at scale, even across multiple provinces. Our understanding of a meaningful partnership lies in our ability to seamlessly integrate with your team and uphold your values. One thing is for sure, Partnerships are ever evolving relationships.

Our Partnership Cycle

  • Scoping and Building
  • Managing and Maintaining
  • Reviewing and Evolving
  • Growing and Sustaining

Whether we are just getting to know you, executing on deals, amending our processes or sharing our knowledge and experience, we believe that communication is key at all stages.

We firmly believe that the best team will triumph, and that’s why we’re invested in building the best Partnerships team in the industry. We understand the importance of local representation and value your brand. That’s why we emphasize the significance of a strong partnership where your team can continue to grow and contribute.

Join forces with Sterling, and let’s not just meet expectations, but exceed them together. Elevate your client offerings and experience a partnership that values growth, excellence, and your unique brand values.


Our consulting team takes a client focused approach that builds a trusting relationship.

We want to ensure our clients have a plan design that meets their needs and is financially sustainable, along with underwriting arrangements that align with the client’s threshold for risk. While we work with all insurers and providers, it is important our clients work with partners that offer services and financial arrangements appealing to the client.

In addition to offering the core consulting services that include managing and negotiating the annual renewal and conducting market studies, we offer comprehensive claims analysis, plan design reviews, industry updates, employee communication, employee surveys, benchmarking, due diligence reviews for potential acquisitions, identifying opportunities to manage.

Our team works with organizations of all sizes that includes employers, unions, association plans, and many industries such as manufacturing, retail, construction, government, law firms, technology, start-ups and much more.