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Stay informed and connected with Sterling’s Insight section. Here, you’ll discover industry updates, news, legislations, and the latest happenings within our company. Stay attuned to the ever-evolving landscape, benefit from valuable insights, and stay updated on all things Sterling to empower your decisions and stay ahead in your journey!

  • 05/16/2024

    Comprehensive Group Health Benefits for Businesses of Every Size

    Many small business owners often conclude prematurely that their organizations are too small to qualify for group health insurance. This common misconception could be costing them greatly—not just in terms of employee satisfaction and retention but also in potential tax benefits and business growth opportunities.  The Myth About Business Size and Benefits  A prevalent myth […]

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  • 05/10/2024

    Cultivating Kindness: A Pathway to Well-Being

    In today’s fast-paced world, cultivating kindness emerges as a profound antidote to stress and a gateway to holistic well-being. As we navigate life’s complexities, embracing the art of kindness offers a transformative lens through which we can foster connection, resilience, and joy. Embracing the Art of Kindness Kindness transcends mere behavior, evolving into a quality […]

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  • 05/09/2024

    Fostering Compassionate Workplace Cultures

    As the landscape of work continues to evolve, cultivating compassionate workplace cultures has emerged as a pivotal imperative for organizational success. Grounded in empathy and solidarity, compassion not only nurtures resilience but also fosters a sense of belonging and support within the workforce. The Imperative of Workplace Compassion Recent studies underscore the pressing need to […]

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  • 05/08/2024

    The Transformative Power of Compassion on Mental Health

    Compassion, often regarded as the cornerstone of human connection, holds profound implications for our mental well-being. Beyond its altruistic essence, compassion serves as a catalyst for healing, instilling a sense of purpose and interconnectedness in our lives. At its core, compassion encompasses a deep empathy for the suffering of others, coupled with a genuine commitment […]

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  • 05/07/2024

    Self-Compassion: The Path to Emotional Wellness

    In life’s unpredictable journey, our response to challenges can profoundly impact our well-being. Self-compassion offers a guiding light, empowering us to navigate difficulties with kindness and understanding. At its core, self-compassion is about extending the same warmth and care to ourselves that we readily offer to others. It involves acknowledging our struggles without judgment and […]

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  • 05/06/2024

    Compassion is at the Heart of This Year’s Mental Health Week

    The Transformative Power of Compassion: A Path to Mental Wellness Compassion, stemming from the Latin term “to suffer together,” is more than just a feeling; it’s an innate response to the struggles of others, coupled with a genuine desire to alleviate their suffering. While empathy involves sensing and understanding another’s pain, compassion takes it a […]

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  • 04/16/2024

    Pam Hinam Joins Sterling Brokers

    Toronto, ON, April 1, 2024 – Luedey Consultants Inc. (LCI) 25th Anniversary celebrations include proudly announcing that Pam Hinam of Action Employee Benefits Brokers, has partnered with LCI, a grassroots Atlantic Canada firm with strong local presence, coupled with National and International capabilities – powered by Sterling Brokers. This will provide clients with new possibilities […]

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  • 04/09/2024

    Prioritizing Women’s Health in Workplace Benefits 

    The landscape of women’s health in the workplace is evolving, prompting organizations to reassess their benefits and human resources policies. With increased awareness and open discussions, employers are recognizing the importance of prioritizing women’s health and providing better support.  Studies reveal disparities in benefits coverage, with a significant percentage of women feeling that their plans […]

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  • 04/04/2024

    Sterling Brokers Named Among Canada’s Top Employers for 2024

    We are thrilled to announce that Sterling has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for the year 2024. This prestigious achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing a supportive and rewarding workplace environment for our employees.  At Sterling, we believe in offering our employees flexibility, opportunities for […]

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    Security Enhancements on our Proprietary Technology

    Sterling Brokers is excited to announce an upgrade to our SCB Connect security measures – the introduction of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) *. As part of our ongoing commitment to safeguarding clients and their employees’ information, we are rolling out email-based 2FA to all user accounts with immediate effect. Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of […]

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