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Security Enhancements on our Proprietary Technology

Image of laptop with phone verifying authenticationSterling Brokers is excited to announce an upgrade to our SCB Connect security measures – the introduction of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) *. As part of our ongoing commitment to safeguarding clients and their employees’ information, we are rolling out email-based 2FA to all user accounts with immediate effect.

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to the SCB Connect account login process. In addition to their regular password, users will be prompted to provide a second form of authentication: a unique verification code sent to the email address that they are using to sign in. This additional step greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, even if the password is compromised.

We understand that change can sometimes be met with questions or concerns. Rest assured, our Client Services team is available to assist your clients and their employees should they require help with this new process at